Welcome to Man About Town, Fashion Marketing and PRimage

My name is Tony Engelhart  and I have been involved with the fashion industry for close to 20 years.  I began my career at Nordstrom after graduating from college with my AA in fashion merchandising.  I then left the company to pursue my career as a writer. Since then, I’ve had countless articles about fashion published in various magazines.

Now I want to help your fashion business succeed.  Whether you run a small boutique, are an up and coming designer, a modeling agency or even a hair salon, I have the marketing know how as well as the tools to optimized your business and increase you profit margin. Because I only deal in fashion, I have the expertise for your business.  Please contact me to discuss what I can do for your business.

In addition to marketing, copywriting and web design, I am also a wardrobe consultant at Dressli. So if you would like some help with your style, please feel free to virtually drop in to Dressli today.